Partnership Formalized with Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation

The Seattle Trails Alliance has formalized its critical partnership with Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). As the largest landowner and provider of public non-ROW trails in the city (over 100 miles of soft surface trails!) DPR is the central partner in advancing the Seattle Trails Alliance mission. This partnership displays joint goals of improving trail access, trail safety, and trail advocacy.

This new memorandum of understanding allows for the partners to work together seamlessly to build partnerships, promote trails and trails programing, and support trail restoration and volunteerism. Together STA and DPR are committed to developing a resource for trails organizations and the public to share information, advocate for common goals, and to have a common resource to meet their needs. This partnership will evolve as we continue to build the Seattle Trails Alliance.

Stay tuned for more developments!




SEATTLE TRAILS ALLIANCE is a newly formed coalition of walkers, hikers, commuters, foresters, pedestrians, runners, and neighbors who support trails in Seattle.  To become a partner or more information contact:

(image credit: Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation)

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